7/11: Forgive and Fuhgeddaboudit?

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff In case you need to be reminded from time to time, New York news is national news. But, New York City pols may be overdoing it this election cycle. With Michael Bloomberg exiting City Hall after three terms, a crowded race for mayor was a given. But, the return of Anthony […]

2/20: A “Fair” Assessment

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff It might be said that in polling you get what you ask for.  That’s the case in the word choice of questions that measure the approval rating of an elected official.  Different polling organizations use different approaches.  For more than three decades, The Marist Poll, has relied upon a four-point […]

10/4: Key Regional Findings: Striking a Balance: New Yorkers Speak Out on Rightsizing Local Government

In an unprecedented survey of more than forty-five hundred New Yorkers, The Dyson Foundation/Marist Poll set out to uncover residents’ views toward the issue of local government consolidation. Striking a Balance: New Yorkers Speak Out on Rightsizing Local Government, originally released earlier this year in April, focuses on nine regions in the state — The […]

3/31: Third Term: A Bridge by Any Other Name

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Now that Ed Koch has had the Queensboro Bridge named after him, maybe the “How Am I Doing?” former mayor might be able to teach the current occupant of City Hall a thing or two about how hard it is to bridge the gap between a second and third term.  […]

3/30: What Is a Yankees Fan to Do?

By Stephanie Calvano Play ball!!  I’ve waited through a very long, cold winter to hear those words.  And now it’s here, it’s here … it’s finally here!  It’s baseball season!  Although the 2011 baseball season is still in its infancy, in New York, it’s never too soon to talk about the postseason.  In a recent […]

11/4: The Rap on Polls

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff What happened in the race for New York City mayor?!  Mayor Michael Bloomberg squeaked out a slim victory over Democratic challenger Bill Thompson last night despite the healthy lead given to Bloomberg by all the pre-election polls.  The short of it … the scenario is a textbook case of pre-election […]

9/21: An Interview: The 2009 Mayor’s Race

By John Sparks     Jay DeDapper is a veteran television political reporter who has covered New York politics for more than a decade.  In an interview with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks, DeDapper considers the matchup between New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Democratic challenger Bill Thompson, and he discusses the impact of […]

Reflections on the Great White Way

Flashing lights, a pop-rock score, and actors whizzing by on roller skates!  I couldn’t have been more than 11 years old, and there I sat in the Gershwin Theater experiencing my very first Broadway musical, “Starlight Express!” My parents weren’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but we lived a comfortable middle class existence […]

6/2: Dugout Chatter — Baseball in NYC

By John Sparks Baseball season is in full swing!  From Major League Baseball’s ticket prices to new stadiums’ impact on the game, there’s a lot of chatter surrounding the sport.  In an interview with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks, sports journalist Len Berman weighs in.  Check out their conversation below. John Sparks Len, we conducted […]