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Feb 03, 2023

The State of the Union and America's Tipping Culture

Joe Biden's State of the Union address is right around the corner, but what do Americans think? We unpack our new poll on the question. Then, we look at America's tipping culture. Is tipping for takeout going too far? Finally, with Groundhog Day this week, we're looking at the great debate: Punxsutawney Phil versus the Weather Channel.

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Jan 27, 2023

Rank Choice Voting: The Time is Now?

How will the chaotic House Speaker election impact the 2024 campaign? We have new poll data about what Americans think. Then, we're revisiting rank choice voting after it had a big impact on Alaska's 2022 elections. What's next for the new style of voting? And...what's on America's walkman? In this week's fun fact from 1990, we find out!

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Jan 20, 2023

Pandemic Problem: Young Brains Getting Older Fast

Where's the party? For Millennials and Gen-Z, it's not in politics. They are way more likely to say they're independents than members of older generations. Then, we're talking to the co-author of a new study that shows teen brains have aged during the pandemic far faster than normal. And, we end with a poll from the late 1940's when nuclear power was an exciting option for...powering airplanes?

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Jan 13, 2023

Immigration Polls & Social Media Divisions

Immigration has been a galvanizing issue for Republicans for roughly two decades and, with President Biden visiting the border, it's back in the headlines. We're looking back at polling over the past three decades to see why the issue seems to be intractable. Then, Elon Musk may be making the biggest waves in social media but we're looking at how it's shifted recently in ways that make it fundamentally different than when it began. And, we finish with a Fun Fact from a time when a man on the moon seemed like a long shot.

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Jan 06, 2023

Hey NY Times! We've Got Something to Say

On the first Poll Hub of 2023, we recorded as late in the week as possible to give Republicans time to choose a Speaker, but to no avail. We’re looking at what this week’s chaos may herald for Republicans and Democrats down the line based on what Americans told us in our December poll. Then, CNN’s Polling Punster Ariel Edwards-Levy joins to discuss a recent New York Times article that has a lot of pollsters – including us – pretty worked up. Why? Stick with us to find out – AND to find out that a Fun Fact question from 1957 can be very misleading, if you don’t read it carefully.

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Dec 21, 2022

Same-Sex Marriage Here to Stay

Just as President Biden signed a law federally recognizing same-sex marriages, the Census released new numbers showing the most LGBTQ+ couples ever. Is this the end of a long struggle for equality or a midpoint? Then, we get in the holiday season to discuss our annual year-end poll which includes a brand new "most annoying word" and bring the entire Marist Poll team into the podcast for a bit of well wishing.

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Dec 16, 2022

Out With the Old (Congress), In With the New

Starting in the new year, Republicans will control the House as we enter another period of divided government. We look at what Americans told us they expect in our new poll and we go deep with veteran Congressional reporter David Lightman to get a better understanding of what's REALLY likely to happen -- or not -- over the next two years. Plus, a seasonal holiday Fun Fact that spans the globe!

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Dec 09, 2022

Sandy Hook 10 Years On

Ten years ago, the school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut seemed like it might be the final straw for advocates of stronger gun regulations. But, since then, very little has changed in public opinion...or policy. Then, older Americans retired in big numbers during the pandemic, reversing a decades-long trend of later retirements. Many economists argue they need to come back to work. And, speaking of retirement...extinction is the ultimate retirement. What extinct species would you bring back?

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Dec 02, 2022

The Future of America: Trump and Cigarettes?

The third time's the charm! At least, that's what Donald Trump hopes as he announces his 2024 presidential candidacy...but do Americans agree? Then, new data on young people and cigarettes is very encouraging as they've largely kicked butts, but they're still smoking something... Finally, the fun fact stays in the smoke with a 1939 poll all about how people in that era preferred to consume their tobacco.

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Nov 18, 2022

The Polls Weren't Wrong & The Opioid Crisis

This year's quality polls were as good as they get. So how come critics are saying otherwise? Then, we're talking about a huge issue that gets very little attention: the ongoing opioid crisis. Finally, a fun fact for everyone!

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