Scene from movie Dazed & confused of students standing, sitting, and laying on and inside an orange convertible car

We Should Hang Out More

Movies often serve as perfect time capsules, offering snapshots of what life was like in an earlier time. Take Dazed and Confused. The movie is set in late seventies Texas and focuses on groups of ... Read Now >
graduation cap next to rolled diploma on stone table

The Future of Higher Education

While the world of higher education faces challenges, there is a great deal of potential success for institutions
two female presenting young people heads together posing for selfie outside in parking lot

Is “Latinx” Here to Stay?

The movement to introduce “Latinx” into mainstream vocabulary has been a fervent one, but just how many people
hand holding pencil filling in bubble test partially completed

The Future of Standardized Testing

The pandemic has forced people to accept a lot of changes, but Americans aren't too sure doing a
protester in horned hat with American flag yelling in Capitol building chambers

It’s Built In: American Polarization, Part 2

This is part two of a two-part series on polarization in America. This post focuses on the systemic
protestors using bull horns to shout at each other

Splitting Apart: American Polarization, Part 1

This is part one of a two-part series on polarization in America. This post focuses on Americans' views
young people of color sitting and talking through a megaphone to a rally

Time for a (Generational) Change?

Most of the top elected officials in Washington are old. Much older than the average age of their
car with electric cord

A Perfect Storm for EVs

Gas prices are on the rise and so are electric vehicle (EV) sales. Has the price at the
young man sitting with head in hands

America’s Mental Health Crisis

Americans are stressed out; they have been living through a pandemic, school shootings, and high inflation. Just in
The History of Juneteenth

The History of Juneteenth

Today is America’s newest federal holiday but most Americans don’t know much about it and don’t celebrate it.