Knights of Columbus Membership Survey

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In an effort to better serve the members of the Knights of Columbus, its communities, and the Church, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus is undertaking a membership survey conducted by The Marist Poll at Marist College.

You have been selected from among Knights located in the United States and Canada to participate in this effort.  All information will be held in strict confidence, and your answers will remain anonymous.  Your participation will greatly aid the Order build a stronger organization and plan for future activities and outreach.

Thank you for your time and participation.

Click here to complete the survey online.



Client Services

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For More Information About The Marist Poll’s Client Services, call 845-575-5050

Let the Marist Poll help you achieve your organizational and business goals!

Through its quantitative and qualitative research, The Marist Poll offers an array of services which, in turn, allow you to answer key organizational questions and better-position yourself and your company within your market, among your members, your public, or your customers.

Here’s a look at what The Marist Poll has to offer.


The Marist Poll provides full, custom survey and public opinion studies using single or multi-mode data collection methods. Surveys can be conducted on the phone, online, through the mail, and/or in-person.

Let the Marist Poll help you evaluate the implementation, effectiveness, or usability of an existing or developing program or policy. Our research can be focused on measuring and managing program development as well as assessing outcomes over time.

The benefits of knowing exactly what people think of you and your services are invaluable! Using a variety of survey research strategies, the Marist Poll can uncover areas for organizational improvement and implementation strategies to better meet the needs of your employees and customers. Options for longitudinal and benchmarking studies are also available.

Allow the Marist Poll to take you beyond the numbers. Through focus groups and in-depth or cognitive interviews, the poll can help its clients drill down and uncover what’s at the root of people’s perceptions, behaviors, and attitudes.

So, you want to be a survey pro yourself? We can help you with that, too. The Marist Poll offers one to two day, on-site survey development and analysis training courses. From questionnaire development and data collection to data analysis and reporting, our training sessions are flexible and customizable to meet your needs.