The Trump Indictment

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll

Republicans Stand Firm Behind Trump Although Majority of Americans Want Trump to Drop Out of 2024 Presidential Race

In light of former President Donald Trump’s indictment by a Florida grand jury, Trump’s GOP base remains steadfast in its support for the former president. Most Republicans believe Trump should remain in the race, and his favorability among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents remains strong. However, a majority of Americans think Trump should drop out of the 2024 presidential contest.

Trump’s 2024 Bid
Former President Trump has been indicted by a Florida grand jury. From what you have read or heard about these charges, do you think he should:
Source: NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll National Adults. Interviews conducted June 12th through June 14th, 2023, n=1,327 MOE +/- 3.5 percentage points.
  • Although 56% of Americans think Trump should drop out of the 2024 presidential race given his indictment by a Florida grand jury, 43% say Trump should continue to run. Opinions divide along party lines with most Democrats (87%) and nearly six in ten independents (58%) saying Trump should end his campaign. Most Republicans though (83%) think Trump should stay in the race.

  • 73% of Americans, comparable to 75% in March, perceive wrongdoing in Trump’s actions. This includes 50% who say Trump did something illegal and 23% who say Trump did something unethical but not illegal. One in four Americans (25%), though, say Trump did nothing wrong. Most Democrats (78%) believe Trump broke the law, and half of independents (50%), up from 41% in March, agree. In contrast, 50% of Republicans, up from 45% in March, say Trump did nothing wrong.

  • Nearly two in three Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (64%) report they will continue to support Trump’s presidential bid if he remains in the campaign. 32% plan to support another Republican candidate.

  • In fact, more than three in four Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (76%) have a favorable opinion of Trump, up from 68% in February.

"As former President Trump deals with his latest legal woes, Republicans are mostly standing with him, while Democrats are calling for him to exit the 2024 campaign," says Lee M. Miringoff, Director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. "Time will tell if this pattern holds, but for now, Republicans are grounded on where they stand on Trump regardless of these unfolding events."