10/29: Texting While Driving

There’s good news for public safety officials.  82% of Americans report they never text while driving.  9% say it’s seldom they text while they drive, and 5% admit to doing it sometimes. 4%, though, say they often text while behind the wheel.

texting in car


Younger Americans are the culprits when it comes to this touchy practice.  About one in five residents under 30 admit to at least sometimes texting while driving.  Another 18% do so but not very often.  60% say they never text while they drive.  In contrast, less than 4% of Americans between 45 and 59 years old say they text while they drive at least sometimes, and just 2% of those 60 and older admit to doing the same.

There is little difference between the sexes on this question.  10% of men report they text while behind the wheel at least sometimes compared with 8% of women.

Should there be a law banning texting while driving?  90% of Americans say, “Yes.”  Even 88% of younger residents say the practice should be outlawed.  They are in agreement with their elders on this question.  92% of those residents believe texting while driving should be punishable by law.

Table: Texting While Driving
Table: Ban Texting While Driving?

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