5/13: Majority Opposes Sales Tax Hike

A majority — 53% — of registered New York City voters disapprove of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to increase the city’s sales tax to 8.875% while 42% approve of the idea to increase city revenues this way.



However, when explained to voters that Mayor Bloomberg says his proposal to hike the city’s sales tax half a percent is not ideal but is a solution to avoid additional spending cuts in the city’s budget and reduce the number of layoffs, slightly more — 46% — support the idea.  This compares with 49% of the electorate that agrees with Mayor Bloomberg’s opponents who argue the proposal is not a solution since it will burden the low and middle classes.

City voters also stand strong in their opposition to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to reinstate the city’s sales tax on clothing. 59% disapprove of the idea while 38% approve.

Overall, 53% of registered New York City voters report they disapprove of Mayor Bloomberg’s tax policy.  But, when faced with a choice, 43% of New York City voters say they would prefer the mayor raise taxes to cutting programs and services.  In contrast, 39% would rather see cuts than a greater tax burden.  18% can’t decide.

Table: Raise Sales Tax
Table: City Sales Tax Proposal: A Solution?
Table: Clothing Sales Tax
Table: Bloomberg on Taxes
Table: Balance City Budget

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