4/8: Majority Approves of Obama’s Foreign Policy

On the heels of President Barack Obama’s first trip overseas, 55% of voters nationwide say they approve of how the president is handling foreign policy.  And, while 24% of voters disapprove, a notable proportion — 21% — do not have a definite opinion on the subject.  Looking across party lines, 82% of Democrats think President Obama is doing well internationally.  This is compared with just 4% who think the president is not up to snuff.  Across the partisan aisle, nearly three in ten Republicans — 29% — do not have a firm opinion of President Obama’s handling of foreign policy while 49% disapprove, and 22% approve.

Table: Handling Foreign Policy


Praise for Handling of War in Afghanistan…Weaker Support on Anti-Terrorism

On specific areas of foreign policy, voters’ opinions are mixed.  When it comes to Afghanistan, 57% approve of the way in which the president is managing the war.  However, fewer voters approve of President Obama’s handling of the war on terrorism.  Half of the electorate reports they approve of how the president is handling anti-terrorism while 29% report they disapprove of his policies.  A notable proportion — 21% — has yet to form a solid opinion on his handling of this issue.

Table: Handling the War in Afghanistan
Table: Handling the War on Terrorism

Improving U.S. Image Abroad

Overall, many voters are optimistic about the impact President Obama is having on the U.S. image overseas.  66% say Mr. Obama is changing the way other countries view the United States for the better while a little more than a quarter of the electorate disagrees.  Nearly four in ten Republicans — 37% — say President Obama is enhancing the view of the United States on the global stage.

Table: Improving U.S. Image Around the World

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