5/21: Less Than Half of Americans to Vacation This Summer

Fewer than half of all Americans — 49% — plan on taking a summer vacation this year.  When Marist last posed this question two years ago, 63% reported they were hitting the road.



Annual household income currently plays a large role here. Just 38% of residents earning less than $50,000 a year will be taking a trip within the next few months.  This compares with 57% who make between $50,000 and $99,999 annually and 77% of those who earn $100,000 or more.  Those living in the Midwest and South have been the hardest hit.

Included in the 49% who are lucky enough to get away this summer, 23% say they are going to take one or more long getaways while 21% report they are going to enjoy several shorter weekend trips.  Just 5% are planning both or have some other type of holiday in mind.  In 2007, 28% of Americans took at least one long vacation, and 35% enjoyed shorter stints away from home.  37% stayed at home.

Once again, money currently impacts travel decisions.  Americans with larger salaries are more likely to take longer getaways.  39% of residents making $100,000 or more annually are planning at least one long vacation.  This compares with 27% earning between $50,000 and $99,999 a year and 14% of those in a lower income bracket.

More than one-third of Americans — 35% — report they have changed their travel plans to specifically save money.  65% of residents nationally, however, report that’s not their intent.  And, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of vacation spending, nearly four in ten Americans — 37% — are planning to spend less money this year compared with their last vacation.  Half report they will spend the same while just 13% report they will shell out more.

Table: Plan on Taking a Summer Vacation

Table: Summer Vacation History

Table: Length of Vacation

Table: Changed Plans to Save Money

Table: Vacation Spending

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