5/13: Bloomberg’s Approval Up 7 Percentage Points

Are things looking up for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg? His job approval rating has had a bit of a bump. 59% of registered New York City voters say Mayor Bloomberg is doing either an excellent or good job in office while 39% describe his performance as fair or poor. In The Marist Poll’s February survey, Bloomberg’s job performance was at 52% — his lowest approval rating since June 2005. Just four months prior to that survey, the mayor enjoyed kudos from 68% of the city’s electorate.

bloomberg_stern_290There is little difference in opinion among Democrats and Republicans. 58% of Democrats and 57% of Republicans currently say they are pleased with Mayor Mike’s job performance. Even more non-enrolled voters share this view. 68% of these voters report Bloomberg is doing either an excellent or good job in office.

Voters are also more positive about the status of the city. More than half of the electorate — 53% –thinks New York City is headed in the right direction while 40% report it’s moving down the wrong path. That’s a turnaround, though, from Marist’s February survey when 49% of voters thought the city was marching in the wrong direction, and only 37% of the electorate believed it was right on track.

Table: Bloomberg Approval Rating
Table: NYC Direction

No Runs, No Hits, No Errors…Bloomberg’s Image Intact

When it comes to Mayor Bloomberg’s image, most voters say, “I like Mike.” In fact, 81% think the mayor rolls up his sleeves and works hard for New York City, 73% believe he understands the problems facing the city, and a similar proportion calls Bloomberg “a good leader for New York.” However, Bloomberg’s marks drop when it comes to his image as a caring mayor. Just half of the city’s electorate thinks Bloomberg is a mayor who cares about the average New Yorker. Overall, Mayor Bloomberg’s image has changed little since The Marist Poll’s February survey.

Table: Bloomberg Working Hard As Mayor
Table: Understands the Problems Facing New York City
Table: Is a Good Leader for New York City
Table: Cares About People Like You

Bloomberg Makes Inroads on Education…Mixed Bag on Other Issues

As debate swirls over whether Mayor Bloomberg should remain in control of New York City’s public schools, voters’ opinions toward the mayor’s handling of the school system have improved. A slim majority — 51% — report they approve of Bloomberg’s methods while 41% disapprove. In Marist’s February survey, just the opposite was the case. At that time 40% approved of his handling of education, and 52% disapproved.

Mayor Bloomberg has also earned points on his handling of crime and the economic crisis. Looking at crime, most voters citywide — 78% — agree with how Bloomberg is dealing with the issue. And, with the economic crisis looming over the city, how does Bloomberg’s approach to handling it fare? Half of the electorate thinks he’s doing a good job. On both crime and the economic crisis, Bloomberg has received a seven percentage point increase since February.

What do voters think of the mayor’s handling of the city budget? Compared with three months ago, Bloomberg has managed to sway the opinions of slightly more voters. Just less than half of the electorate — 49% — currently approve of Bloomberg’s approach toward the budget while 44% disapprove. The electorate was dead even in February when 46% approved and 46% disapproved.

Taxes and public transportation, however, are a different story. Little has changed in voters’ impressions of how Bloomberg is doing on these issues. A majority — 53% — disapprove of Bloomberg’s tax policy while 41% approve. Voters voice similar concern about the mayor’s approach to public transportation.

Mayor Bloomberg recently had a new issue to handle — an outbreak of the H1N1 flu commonly known as swine flu in New York City. How did he do? Nearly three quarters of the electorate — 74% — approve of how he dealt with the crisis.

Table: Bloomberg on Public Schools
Table: Bloomberg on Crime
Table: Bloomberg on Economic Crisis
Table: Bloomberg on the City’s Budget
Table: Bloomberg on Taxes
Table: Bloomberg on Public Transportation
Table: Bloomberg on H1N1 Flu

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