Bloomberg Approval Rating Drops 7 Points

Although a majority of registered voters in New York City — 52% — say Mayor Michael Bloomberg is doing either an excellent or good job in office, the mayor’s job approval rating has dipped 7 percentage points to its lowest point since June 2005. Bloomberg has been losing ground in voters’ eyes since early last fall. In Marist’s November survey, 59% of the city’s electorate thought the mayor was doing an above average job, a 9 percentage point drop from the previous month. In October, Mayor Bloomberg enjoyed a cushy 68% approval rating.

Bloomberg Approval Rating Table

What a Difference a Term Makes

Compared with this time four years ago, voters have a better outlook toward Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 80% of New York City’s electorate believes Bloomberg is working hard as mayor, 68% say the mayor understands the problems facing New York City, and 67% perceive Bloomberg as being a good leader. Bloomberg doesn’t fare as well when thought of as a man of the people. 47% of voters say the mayor cares about the average Joe or Jane while half of the electorate thinks Bloomberg doesn’t connect well with people. All in all, though, Bloomberg is viewed better than he was in 2005. When Marist surveyed New York City voters on these characteristics four years ago, 70% saw the mayor as a hard worker, 56% thought he understood the problems of the city, and 50% viewed Bloomberg as a good leader. Just 36% thought of him as someone who cares about people like them.

Bloomberg Is Working Hard As Mayor Table
Bloomberg Understands the Problems Facing New York City Table
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Voters Divide Over Bloomberg’s Handling of the Economic Crisis

With the economy in the fore of many voters’ minds, the electorate splits in terms of how they view Mayor Bloomberg’s handling of the economic crisis. 46% disapprove of Bloomberg’s approach while 43% approve. Looking at other top issues facing the city, there has been little change in how voters view Bloomberg. The mayor receives high marks when it comes to security against terror attacks and crime. 73% and 71% of voters, respectively, approve of how Bloomberg performs on these issues. Voters aren’t as happy, however, with Bloomberg’s actions in other areas of city government. Half of voters approve of the way he is handling economic development, and 46% say his actions toward the city budget are on the mark. Looking at taxes, just 41% of registered voters approve of Bloomberg’s actions. He receives an identical score on public transportation. The mayor also receives subpar marks on public schools and unemployment. His approval ratings in these areas are 40% and 36%, respectively. Compared to Marist’s March 2005 poll, voters have similar views on how the mayor is handling these areas. However, Bloomberg receives points for his budgetary acumen. More voters today approve of the way he is handling the city’s budget today than they did in 2005.

Bloomberg on Security Against Terror Attack Table
Bloomberg on Crime Table
Bloomberg on Economic Development Table
Bloomberg on the City’s Budget Table
Bloomberg on the Economic Crisis Table
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Middle Man…49% of Voters View Bloomberg as a Moderate

When it comes to the mayor’s political ideology, 49% of New York City voters see Mayor Bloomberg as a moderate. Another 25% view him as a conservative while 26% consider him a liberal. Marist asked New York City voters this same question four years ago. At that time, half of the electorate called Bloomberg a moderate, 32% said he was a conservative, and 18% reported they viewed him as a liberal.

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