5/21: Big Apple: Big Fun?

Think summer.  Think vacation.  Think closer to home?  A plurality of Americans — 46% — view New York City as an excellent or good place to visit or vacation.  But, call them biased, the numbers are bolstered by Northeasterners.  63% of Americans who live in the region see the Big Apple as a potential vacation destination.



Nationwide, a majority of parents consider New York City to be on the list of places to visit.  51% of parents are intrigued by the sights of the city compared with 46% of Americans as a whole.

It’s also for the young at heart and those with a bit more cash to spend.  A majority of Americans younger than forty-five years old — 56% — say New York would be a nice place to visit.  53% of residents who earn fifty thousand dollars or more a year share this view.  However, only 39% of those forty-five or older and 43% of those earning less than fifty thousand dollars annually agree.

Table:  New York City As a Vacation Destination

Marist Poll Methodology

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