9/8: Slim Majority Plans to Visit 9/11 Memorial

NY1/Marist New York City Poll

The National September 11th Memorial will open to the public on September 12th.  Do New York City residents plan to visit the memorial shortly after it opens?  A slim majority — 51% — says it is either very likely or likely that they will visit the memorial in the next six months.  This includes 26% who think it is very likely and 25% who report it is likely they will make a trip to the site of the World Trade Center.  However, 50% think it is not likely they will visit the memorial.

September 11 in stone


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Table: Plan to Visit National September 11th Memorial in the Next Six Months

Federal Gov Should Pay 9/11 Museum Upkeep, Says Half … Most View Fee as Too Much

When the National September 11th Museum opens its doors next year, who should pay for maintaining it?  50% of New York City adults believe the cost for its upkeep should be paid mostly by the federal government.  43% disagree and say people who visit the museum should foot the bill.  Seven percent are unsure.

Key points:

  • There are generational differences.  57% of Millennials and 52% of New York City residents in Gen X say the cost of maintaining the museum should be up to the government while 47% of Baby Boomers and 46% of those in the Silent-Greatest Generation agree.

Eight in ten residents citywide — 80% — say an admission fee of $25 is too much to maintain the museum’s upkeep.  19% report the amount is about right while only 1% says the charge is too little.

Key points:

  • Most Manhattan residents — 86% — and 82% of those in Brooklyn think $25 is too much to charge visitors to the museum.  79% of those in Queens and Staten Island and 73% of Bronx residents say the same.
  • By generation, Millennials — 75% — think $25 is too high of an admission fee.  This compares with 83% of Baby Boomers, 81% of those in Gen X, and 80% of the Silent-Greatest Generation.

Table: Who Should Pay for Maintaining September 11th Museum?

Table: Admission Fee to September 11th Museum

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