9/8: Slim Majority Plans to Visit 9/11 Memorial

The National September 11th Memorial will open to the public on September 12th.  Do New York City residents plan to visit the memorial shortly after it opens?  A slim majority — 51% — says it is either very likely or likely that they will visit the memorial in the next six months.  This includes 26% who think it is very likely and 25% who report it is likely they will make a trip to the site of the World Trade Center.  However, 50% think it is not likely they will visit the memorial.

September 11 in stone


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Table: Plan to Visit National September 11th Memorial in the Next Six Months

Federal Gov Should Pay 9/11 Museum Upkeep, Says Half … Most View Fee as Too Much

When the National September 11th Museum opens its doors next year, who should pay for maintaining it?  50% of New York City adults believe the cost for its upkeep should be paid mostly by the federal government.  43% disagree and say people who visit the museum should foot the bill.  Seven percent are unsure.

Key points:

  • There are generational differences.  57% of Millennials and 52% of New York City residents in Gen X say the cost of maintaining the museum should be up to the government while 47% of Baby Boomers and 46% of those in the Silent-Greatest Generation agree.

Eight in ten residents citywide — 80% — say an admission fee of $25 is too much to maintain the museum’s upkeep.  19% report the amount is about right while only 1% says the charge is too little.

Key points:

  • Most Manhattan residents — 86% — and 82% of those in Brooklyn think $25 is too much to charge visitors to the museum.  79% of those in Queens and Staten Island and 73% of Bronx residents say the same.
  • By generation, Millennials — 75% — think $25 is too high of an admission fee.  This compares with 83% of Baby Boomers, 81% of those in Gen X, and 80% of the Silent-Greatest Generation.

Table: Who Should Pay for Maintaining September 11th Museum?

Table: Admission Fee to September 11th Museum

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