9/6: September 11th Not Forgotten

NY1/Marist New York City Poll

The September 11th terrorist attacks have indelibly scarred the memories of New York City residents, but as the tenth anniversary of those attacks draws near, nearly four in ten adults citywide plan to spend the day going about their daily routine.

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Nearly all New York City adults — 97% — remember where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the September 11th terrorist attacks while just 3% do not.

When it comes to how New Yorkers will spend the day on the tenth anniversary of the attacks, 37% plan to keep their daily routine.  One in four residents — 25% — say they will quietly reflect upon the day at home or at work while 23% report they will follow the media coverage of the memorial service.  One in ten adults citywide — 10% — think they will attend a religious ceremony at their place of worship, and 6% plan to attend a formal ceremony honoring the victims of the September 11th attacks.

Key points:

  • By borough, nearly half of Manhattan residents — 47% — and 43% of those in Brooklyn plan to go about their daily routine.  There is less of a consensus in the Bronx and in Queens and Staten Island.  In the Bronx, 30% say their day will be routine, 28% report they will follow the media coverage of the memorial service, and 24% say they will quietly reflect at work or at home.   Similarly, in Queens and Staten Island, 29% will go about their daily schedule while 28% will follow news coverage of the day’s events, and 26% will reflect upon the day on their own.

Table: Remember Where You Were When You First Heard About September 11th Attacks

Table: The Way in Which You Plan to Spend 10th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks

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