9/29: Daily News/Marist Poll

In the race for New York governor, do voters statewide think the candidates are fit to be governor?  Find out the answer in the latest Daily News/Marist Poll in New York State.  Click here to read the full Daily News article.

Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino

Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino

Tables for the Marist Poll Conducted for the Daily News:

Cuomo Fit to be Governor?

Paladino Fit to be Governor?

Read or Heard Comments Made by Paladino

Paladino on Albany

Paladino on Health Care Plan

Paladino on Recent Emails

Paladino on Criticism Saying He’s Blunt

Paladino on Public Assistance

Paladino Fit to be Governor (After Statements)

Marist Poll Methodology