9/22: Voters Divide About Obama’s Handling of the War in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit a new low, and voters remain dissatisfied with his handling of the economy.  And, now, there is also increased dissatisfaction with how the president is handling the war in Afghanistan.

map of afghanistan


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According to this Marist Poll, 48% of registered voters nationally disapprove of how the president is dealing with the situation in Afghanistan while 44% approve.  Seven percent are unsure.

When Marist last reported this question in June, a majority of registered voters — 53% — approved of how Mr. Obama was handling the conflict while 39% disapproved.  Eight percent, at the time, were unsure.

The change has occurred among Republican and independent voters.

By party:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Republican voters — 65% — and a majority of independents — 56% — disapprove of the way the president is dealing with the war in Afghanistan.  In June, those proportions were 53%, and 41%, respectively.
  • Among Democratic voters, 67% approve of how the President Obama is handling the situation while a similar proportion — 70% — did so a few months ago.

Voters also divide about how the President is handling the situation in Libya.  42% approve of the way he is dealing with it, and 42% disapprove.  16% are unsure.  In June, 44% applauded the president on the issue while 40% thought his approach was flawed.  16% were unsure.

Table: President Obama Handling the War in Afghanistan

Table: President Obama’s Handling of the Situation in Libya

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