9/17: Manning Bowl 2010: Peyton and the Colts Favored

Quarterback brothers Eli and Peyton Manning will square off this Sunday night when the Indianapolis Colts play the New York Giants.  So, which brother will claim bragging rights in the Manning family?  According to 61% of football fans nationally, Peyton Manning will lead the Colts to victory this Sunday while 27% report that younger brother Eli and the Giants will be triumphant.  12% are unsure.

Peyton Manning (Photo courtesy of Whitehouse.gov)

Peyton Manning (Photo courtesy of Whitehouse.gov)

While Peyton Manning is the favorite among football fans, regardless of geographic region, more fans in the Northeast (40%) than in the West (25%), Midwest (23%), and the South (22%) think Eli Manning will lead the Giants to victory.

Table: Which Manning Brother will be Victorious?

Saints Shine as Early Super Bowl Favorites

The NFL season may have just begun, but football fans are already prognosticating about the Super Bowl.  Who is the early favorite?  13% of football fans think the New Orleans Saints will receive the Lombardi trophy for the second consecutive year.  9% have their money on the New England Patriots while 7% predict the Pittsburgh Steelers will be victorious.  The Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Green Bay Packers each receive the support of 6% of football fans.  34% think another team will win, and 19% of fans are unsure.

Not surprisingly, there are regional differences on this question.  Football fans in the Northeast – 22% — are more likely to choose the Patriots than any other team.  In the Midwest, 15% back the Saints, but the Colts and Packers follow closely behind.  Each receive 12%.  The Saints are also the top pick in the South.  Here, 16% predict the Saints will win the Super Bowl.  13%, though, are banking on the Cowboys.  And, in the West, the Saints and the Steelers vie for the top spot.  Each team gets the support of 10% of football fans.

Men are more likely than women to favor the Saints in their Super Bowl pick.

Table: 2011 Super Bowl Picks

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