9/14: Obama’s Approval Rating Dips in NYS

Although a majority of registered voters in New York State — 57% — report that President Barack Obama is doing either an excellent or good job in office, the president’s support has slipped.  In Marist’s July survey, 63% gave President Obama above average marks.  A similar proportion – 64% – shared this view in May.  As for those who don’t approve of Mr. Obama’s job performance, 43% of New York State voters currently say he is falling short.



The president’s current approval rating divides along party lines with 79% of Democrats, 29% of Republicans, and 53% of non-enrolled voters nodding their heads in agreement with Mr. Obama.  Those proportions are down from July when Mr. Obama enjoyed kudos from 83% of Democrats, 37% of Republicans, and 60% of non-enrolled voters.

Table: Obama Approval Rating

High Marks for Handling of Economy…Less Favorable on Health Care

The White House is making a huge push to gain support for its health care plan, but is it effective?  52% of New York registered voters approve of how President Obama is handling the issue while 43% disapprove.  There is a clear partisan divide here.  72% of Democrats back President Obama’s health care initiatives while 74% of Republicans do not.  Opinion also fractures across the state with more voters within the five boroughs — 67% — approving of Mr. Obama’s management of health care.  Suburban voters and those Upstate fall below a majority with 47% and 45%, respectively.  In fact, 51% of the electorate Upstate disapproves of his approach.

On the economy, six in ten voters statewide say they approve of how President Obama is dealing with the economy while 38% do not.  Again, there is disagreement between the parties.  81% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans say the president’s approach toward the economy is on the mark.  A majority of non-enrolled voters fall in line with Democrats.  58% report Mr. Obama’s tactics are satisfactory.

Table: Obama’s Handling of Health Care
Table: Obama’s Handling of the Economy

Marist Poll Methodology

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