8/6: Most Americans Hitched to the Right Wagon, But…

95% of married Americans say they tied the knot to the right person while just 5% report they made a mistake and should have married someone else.



Married residents living in the Midwest, West, and South, those who earn $50,000 or more annually, and married residents 18 to 29 are those most likely to say they tied the knot to the right person.

But, did married Americans commit to their soul mate?  Not necessarily.  Although most believe they married the right person, fewer married residents — 66% — actually believe in the idea of soul mates.  34%, though, do not think two people are destined be together.  There is no difference between the proportion of married and unmarried Americans who believe in the concept of soul mates.

Those who are most likely to agree with the idea of soul mates are Southerners, residents earning less than $50,000 a year, Americans 18 to 29, and women.

Table: Americans Married to Right Person
Table: Americans Who Believe in Soul Mates

Majority of Americans Married

As for the proportion of adult Americans who are married, 55% are while 45% are not.

Midwesterners, residents earning $50,000 or more, and those 30 to 44 are those most likely to be married.

Table: Married Americans

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