8/12: More than Six in Ten Support Walmart in Community

NY1/Marist New York City Poll

The possibility of Wal-mart coming to New York City has stirred debate.  Do residents citywide want the store to lay down roots in the five boroughs?  More than six in ten — 64% — support a Wal-mart in their neighborhood while 31% oppose such a move.  Five percent are unsure.

Wal Mart Store


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Although a majority of Manhattan residents would welcome the arrival of a Wal-mart, residents in this borough are less likely than those in the other boroughs to do so.  56% of adults in Manhattan support opening the store in their community.  This compares with 73% in the Bronx, 65% in Brooklyn, and 64% in Queens and Staten Island.

Women — 68% — are slightly more likely than men — 60% — to support opening a Wal-mart in their area.

While nearly three in four residents citywide — 74% — are at least likely to shop at a Wal-mart located in their community, a plurality of residents — 45% — don’t think the opening of the store makes any difference when it comes to the quality of their neighborhood.

Other highlights include:

  • Of those who would shop at a Wal-mart in their area, 41% would be very likely to do so, and 33% would be likely to do so.  12% of New York City adults would not be very likely to shop at such a store, and 14% would not be likely at all.

o   Regionally, 80% of Bronx residents, 78% of Brooklyn adults, and 76% of those in Queens and Staten Island say they would shop in a local Wal-mart.  This compares with 63% of Manhattan residents.

  • Looking at the impact of a Wal-mart in their area, 45% of New Yorkers say it would not make a difference to their neighborhood, 30% believe it would make it better, and 25% say it would make it worse.

o   Brooklyn residents — 39% — are more likely to say Wal-mart would have a positive impact on their neighborhood compared with those in the Bronx — 33% — residents in Queens and Staten Island — 26% — and adults living in Manhattan — 21%.

o   35% of those under the age of 45 believe Wal-mart would make their neighborhood better while 26% of those 45 and older agree.

Table: Support or Oppose Wal-mart in Neighborhood

Table: Likelihood of Shopping in Neighborhood Wal-mart

Table: Impact of Wal-mart in Neighborhood

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