7/20: More Americans Enjoying an Evening Out

Fuzzy slippers, sweat pants, and tee shirts are the appropriate dinner attire for nearly six in ten Americans.  According to this Marist Poll, 58% of Americans eat dinner at home at least six nights a week.  Included here are 35% who report they dine in seven nights a week and 23% who do so six nights a week.  Nearly one in five — 19% — are stuck with the dishes five nights weekly, and 24% clear the dinner table four or fewer times a week.

potatoes, salad, and beef


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However, more Americans are dining out.  When Marist last asked this question in 2009 soon after the economic collapse, 70% of residents ate dinner at home six or seven nights a week.  17%, at that time, ate in five nights a week while 13% stayed in four or fewer.

Women are more likely than men to eat dinner at home.  62% of women, compared with 53% of men, say they eat dinner in the comfort of their own home six or seven nights a week.

And, there is an age difference.  Older Americans are more likely than younger Americans to eat in most nights.  64% of those 45 or older eat at home at least six nights a week.  This compares with 49% of those younger than 45.

Table: How Many Times a Week Do You Eat Dinner at Home?

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