7/2: Tying the Knot: Bridal Showers, Crashers, & Memorable Moments

The next time you’re among friends or family, ask if they have ever crashed a wedding.  If so, they’re not alone.  According to a recent Marist poll, at least one in twelve Americans have snuck their way into a reception to which they were not invited.  And, from the food, the music, the location, the décor, oh, and, of course, the open-bar, there are many aspects of a wedding that distinguish one from the next.


The Bridal Shower: Who’s Invited?

But, before the wedding, there’s usually a bridal shower, and for many women figuring out which bridal showers they’ll attend, is a tough feat. After all, should they really be expected to participate in a shower for a bride they hardly know?  While a plurality — 49% — of Americans feels that friends, family, and acquaintances of the bride and groom should be invited to a shower, 39% say this event is reserved for only extremely close friends and family.  Only about one in ten — 11% — report all women invited to the wedding, regardless of their relationship to the bride or groom, should receive a bridal shower invite.

Table: Guests at Bridal Shower

Wedding Crashers

8% of Americans admit to wedding crashing (14% of Midwest residents compared to only 4% of Southerners). But, what is the most important aspect of a wedding reception to make it memorable and fun for both invited and uninvited guests?  Apparently, it all comes down to Location, Location, Location.  One-third of Americans cites the setting as making a lasting impression followed by the food — 23% — and music — 20%.  This is especially true for Americans in the West (38% say the location is most important) while good music is essential for 29% of Northeasterners.

Table: Crashed a Wedding
Table: Most Memorable Aspect of Wedding Reception

Marist Poll Methodology

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