7/2: Burgers, Ribs, and Steak Top List of Favorite BBQ Foods

If you’re planning to fire up the grill this holiday weekend, there’s something you should know.  Americans have varied food tastes!  Hamburgers and cheeseburgers edge out the competition as the favorite barbecue food with 22% of residents preferring this barbecue delight.  Ribs and steak come in a very close second with 20% each.  Chicken receives 19% while hot dogs are the “top dog” for 9%.  7% of the population enjoy fish the most while 3% prefer veggie burgers.



Men and women have different culinary tastes.  While men prefer ribs (24%) and steak (23%) the most, women choose chicken (24%) and burgers (22%) at a barbecue.  Chicken is also the food of choice for those 60 and older (24%).

So, just how many residents plan on hosting or attending a barbecue this Fourth of July?  48% say they will celebrate America’s birthday in this way while 52% will not.

Those who are the most likely to enjoy a cookout are residents in the Northeast and South, those who earn $50,000 or more annually, and Americans under age 45.

Table: Favorite Barbecue Food
Table: Host or Attend July 4th Barbecue

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