7/13: New York City Baseball Banter

Major League Baseball is enjoying its annual All-Star break. Players from the American and National Leagues will duke it out at Baseball’s 80th All-Star Game; and with home field advantage for the World Series on the line, will either the Yankees or the Mets be affected come October?  Who’s better to ask than New York City baseball fans?



A New York Baseball State of Mind… Picking Sides

51% of New York City registered voters consider themselves baseball fans.  When these baseball fans were asked whether their allegiance is with the Mets or the Yankees, 53% pick the Pinstripes.  A little over one-third choose the Mets, and approximately one in ten say they don’t support either team.  Interestingly, New York City registered voters who are baseball fans with children in the household are more likely to be Yankee fans than those who have no children at home.  62% of households with children root for the Yankees compared with just 28% who cheer on the Mets.  Support for the Mets increases to 41% among baseball fans with no children in the household.

But, who has the better team in New York…the Yankees or the Mets?  With the All-Star break marking the proverbial end of the first half of the baseball season, 18% of New York City registered voters who say they are baseball fans, regardless of which team they support, think Jerry Manuel’s Mets are the better New York team.  However, more than seven in ten say the Yankees take to the diamond with the better team this season.  Even those who are Mets fans feel the first half belongs to the Yankees.  61% of those who support their team at Citi Field think the Yankees have the better team.  Not surprisingly, 84% of Bronx Bomber fans see the Yankees as the superior New York baseball club this season.

Table: NYC Baseball Fans
Table: Mets Fan or Yankees Fan?
Table: Better NYC Team

Benched Come October?

When voters who consider themselves baseball fans were asked the likelihood of the Mets playing in the World Series, many — 69% — say it’s not very likely or not likely at all that the Mets will be in the Fall Classic compared with 26% who find it very likely or likely.  Fans are more optimistic about the Yankees’ chances of making an appearance in the Big Show.  A majority  — 56% — think it is very likely or likely that Girardi’s team will be in the World Series.  This compares with 38% who do not think it is a likely scenario.  Even a majority of those who say they are Mets fans — 53% — find it likely that the Yankees will be in it ‘til the end.

Table: Mets World Series Chances
Table: Yankees World Series Chances

Interleague Play Hits Grand Slam

Even though the American and National Leagues meet in the All-Star Game and the World Series, do registered voters who say they are baseball fans like the idea of interleague play during the regular season? The answer is an overwhelming, “Yes!”  80% of baseball fans think it’s a good idea.  Those who are Yankee fans tend to like this practice more than those who are Mets fans with 85% and 75%, respectively, approving of the two leagues battling it out during the regular season.  Those under 45 years of age and those who have children in the household are also more likely to think interleague play is a good idea.

Table: Interleague Play: Good or Bad Idea?

Subway Series a “Must Have?”

And, what about the regular season Subway Series between the Yankees and the Mets?  Voters in New York City who are baseball fans say, “Bring it on!” 80% like that the two New York baseball teams square off during the regular season, including 42% who like it a great deal.  Mets and Yankees fans concur.  77% of “7 train riders” and 83% of “4 train fans” like the battle for bragging rights in New York.

Table: Enjoy Subway Series?

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