7/11: Yanks, Red Sox Vie for First Place in the Stadium of Public Opinion

Major League Baseball’s midseason break is underway.  So, with tomorrow’s All-Star Game on the horizon, who do fans think will win it all in this year’s World Series?

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According to this Marist Poll, the rivalry lives on!  17% of baseball fans nationally believe the New York Yankees will, once again, be crowned the kings of baseball.  However, they are in a virtual dead heat with their arch rivals, the Boston Red Sox.  15% report the Sox will be victorious.  The Philadelphia Phillies slide into the third spot with 10% of baseball fans on their side.  2010 World Series champs, the San Francisco Giants, who weren’t even a blip on baseball fans’ scorecard this time last year, receive 4%.  The St. Louis Cardinals also catch 4%.  23% of fans think another team will receive the championship title, and 27% are unsure.

When Marist reported this question last July, the Yankees were more of a fan favorite.  At that time, nearly three in ten baseball fans — 29% — thought the Bronx Bombers would round the bases into another World Series Championship title.  The Red Sox hit a grand slam in the minds of 11% followed by the Phillies with 5%.  The L.A. Dodgers, who were called out this year by fans, made the top five in 2010 with 4%.  Little has changed for the Cardinals who also received 4% at the time.  20%, last year, thought another team would be victorious, and 27% were unsure.

Table: Team Favored to Win the World Series

MLB Division Divide

There’s talk in the MLB to eliminate multiple divisions within the American and National Leagues and just have two leagues where the teams play each other the same number of times.  It would also re-structure the playoffs.  Should the rules of America’s pastime change, or should the chatter be thrown out before it reaches first base?  Baseball fans divide.  42% think this change is a good idea while 39% believe it is a bad one.  18% are unsure.

Just how many baseball fans are there nationally?  A majority of U.S. residents are not fans.  52% report they don’t watch baseball at all.  49%, however, check out a game at least a little.  Included here, are 10% who watch the sport a great deal, 9% who catch a good amount of it, and 30% who follow the sport a little.

There is little change on this question since last year.  At that time, 54% said they didn’t watch baseball at all, and 46% revealed they watched it at least a little.

Table: Changes to MLB Divisions
Table: Baseball Fans

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