6/5: It’s All in the Makeup Bag?

Is less really more when it comes to wearing makeup?  At first glance, yes.  When asked how often they wear makeup, 56% of Americans report they never put it on!  14% say they pull out their makeup cases for special occasions while 11% put a little war paint on when they go out for work or with friends.  10% say it’s whenever they leave the house, and just 9% say they always apply it.



Are those results surprising?  To really understand those numbers, one needs to take a closer look at just who’s pulling out their lipstick and mascara.  Men tip the scales in the opposite direction with very few men wearing makeup.  Just 2% say they put on makeup for special occasions.  97%, on the other hand, say they never wear it.

Women are the total opposite.  81% of the fairer sex says they wear makeup at least some of the time.  This includes 18% who always apply it, and 19% who won’t leave home without it.  The same proportion — 19% — break out their makeup cases when going to work or out with friends while 26% wear makeup for special occasions.  Just 19% of women never apply cosmetics.

Table: Wear Makeup

Marist Poll Methodology

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