6/2: Baseball in NYC: Ticket Prices a Big Loser

Most baseball fans in New York City think they’re getting ripped off when they head out to the stadium, and while there’s been much hubbub about New York’s new baseball stadiums, a majority of fans think new ballparks, in general, are good for the sport.



Major League Baseball’s ticket prices are way out of line and are not a good value for the money, according to 83% of baseball enthusiasts.  And, although 46% of New Yorkers think new baseball stadiums are good for the sport, 53% of baseball fans think new ballparks are a plus.  Where do New York’s, crosstown rivals fall along the spectrum?  55% of Mets fans believe new stadiums are a good thing while just half of Yankees fans have the same view.

Table: Ticket Value
Table: New Stadiums

Battle for Bragging Rights: Grand Slam for Yankees Among Fans…Divided Over Better Team

More New York baseball fans root for the Yankees than the Mets.  49% cheer for the Bronx Bombers while 36% do the wave for the Metropolitans.  15% say neither team hits a home run on their score cards.

However, when it comes to the team with the better roster, New York City baseball fans are divided.  44% think the Mets have the better team this season while 41% say the Yankees do.  15% are unsure.

It’s probably not out of left field, then, that baseball fans aren’t too optimistic about their home team heroes’ chances of making it to the World Series this October.  Looking at the Mets, 47% say it’s likely Wright, Reyes, and Beltran will make it all the way to the big showdown while 46% report they will be hopping the 7 train and heading home early.

When it comes to the Yankees, there’s a bit more of a consensus.   A majority of fans — 52% — report it’s not likely Jeter, Rodriguez, and Damon will round the bases into the World Series while 40% think they will.

Table: Mets Fan or Yankees Fan?
Table: Better NYC Team
Table: Mets’ World Series Chances
Table: Yankees’ World Series Chances
Table: NYC Baseball Fans

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