6/12: Cell Phone Nation

If you enter any public space these days, the number of people chatting on their cell phones might make you think nearly everyone owns a wireless device.  According to this Marist Poll, that’s not far from the case.  87% of U.S. residents say they own a cell phone.  Among Americans with jobs, the figure is even higher with 92% reporting they’ve gone wireless.



When it comes to walking and talking, age is a determining factor: 94% of Americans under 45 have cell phones, whereas slightly more than eight in ten Americans 45 or older tote the devices.   Not surprisingly, family finances also affect cell phone ownership.  95% of Americans who report an annual household income of $50,000 or more own a cell phone as opposed to 82% of households taking in less than $50,000 a year.

Regionally, Northeasterners and Southerners lead the way. 89% of residents in those areas report owning cell phones, while 82% of Midwesterners and 85% of Westerners have the mobile devices.

Table: Have a Cell Phone

Marist Poll Methodology

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