6/11: Hair Raising Experiences

Whether it’s curly, straight, long, or short, a majority of Americans are consistent with their hair styles.  56% of U.S. residents say they have had their current hairdo for at least two years.  This includes 29% who have worn their hair the same way for more then ten years.  On the flip side, 24% have changed their style within the past six months, and another 20% have altered their look within the past year.



Women and those under 45 years old have had a more recent urge to have fun with their hair.  31% of women compared with 16% of men have changed their style within the past six months.  And, in fact, the proportion of men who have had the same haircut for more than ten years is more than double that of women.

Not surprisingly, the younger crowd is less set in their ways.  One third of Americans younger than 45 years old has changed their hair during the past six months compared with 16% of those 45 and above.  On the flip side, 38% of residents 45 or older say they have had the same hairstyle for more than ten years.  Just 17% of their younger counterparts report the same.

Table: Current Hair Style

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