5/3: 65 Stands Strong as “Middle-Aged”

Forget the contests for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.  The biggest question facing the Marist Institute for Public Opinion this year is whether Americans consider the age of the Institute’s director, Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, to be old!

As Dr. Miringoff turns 65, he remains unscathed!  A majority of Americans, 55%, say 65 is middle-aged.  34% consider it old, and more than one in ten, 11%, thinks age 65 is young.  Similar proportions of U.S. residents thought 64 to be old last year.

Not surprisingly, perceptions differ based on age.  Americans 45 years old and older, 63%, are more likely than younger residents to consider 65 to be middle-aged.  Those under 45 divide.  49% think 65 years of age is old while 47% say it is middle-aged.  This is driven by Americans under 30, among whom 60% call 65 “old.”

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