5/24: Michelle Obama Remains Fine First Lady

First Lady Michelle Obama is perceived favorably by about two-thirds of American voters.  According to this Marist Poll, 66% of voters think well of Mrs. Obama while 17% do not.  17% are unsure how to rate her.

Michelle Obama (courtesy of whitehouse.gov)

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Michelle Obama continues to be well-received by voters.  When Marist last reported this question in September, 65% thought highly of Mrs. Obama while 24% had an unfavorable view of her.  11%, at the time, were unsure how to rate her.

Mrs. Obama has grown in favor among the youngest voters.  83% of those 18 to 29 currently say they have a positive impression of Mrs. Obama compared with 71% who felt that way in September.

Table: Michelle Obama Favorability

Table: Michelle Obama Favorability Over Time

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