5/10: Pataki Not Seen As Presidential Candidate

Most registered voters in New York State do not want former Governor George Pataki to make a presidential bid in 2012.  71% have this opinion while 23% would like to see Pataki battle it out for the presidency.  6% are unsure.

George Pataki

George Pataki (photo courtesy of U.S. State Department)

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Most Democratic voters — 80% — do not want Pataki to run.  Even 60% of Republicans and nearly seven in ten non-enrolled voters — 69% — also believe a 2012 Pataki presidential run is not a good idea.

But, voters do bestow a distinct honor upon Pataki.  He is viewed by 33% of the New York electorate as the governor who has been the best for the state in recent decades.  Pataki narrowly edges out Mario Cuomo who received high praise from 31% of registered voters.  Nelson Rockefeller comes in a distant third with 12%.  Eliot Spitzer garners kudos from 9% of the electorate and beats out Hugh Carey’s 4% and David Paterson’s 3%.  No one chose Malcolm Wilson.  8% of voters are unsure.

Partisan politics are alive and well on this question.  Among Republicans, Pataki takes the top spot with 49%.  Among Democrats, however, Cuomo is number one with 40%.  Non-enrolled voters divide between Pataki and Cuomo who each receive 34%.

Table: 2012 Pataki Presidential Candidacy
Table: Best Governor for NYS

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