4/4: Take Me Out to the Ball Game? Maybe Not

Major League Baseball’s Opening Night is tonight!  As teams gear up to take the field, a majority of baseball fans nationally say they, once again, are not planning to attend any games this season.  53% report they did not attend any baseball games last season and do not plan to venture out to the stadium this season.  31% of baseball fans think they will go to about the same number of games as last year, 10% are planning to attend more, and 6% report they will be present for fewer games.  Results were similar when the Marist Poll last reported this question in April 2010.

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Ticket prices are likely a factor here.  Nearly 6 in 10 national baseball fans — 56% — report the cost of a ticket for a major league baseball game is not a good value for the money.  34% disagree and say they get a good bang for their buck.  10% are unsure.  These proportions are unchanged from two years ago.

Looking at region, those in the Northeast are most likely to balk about the value received for the cost of a ticket to the game.  Nearly three-quarters — 73% — do not think they are getting their money’s worth.  Majorities in the Midwest — 55% — and South — 52% — share this view.  Baseball fans in the West divide.  47% say the cost of a ticket to a game is not a good value for the money while 46% state it is.

Table: More or Less Games Than Last Year

Table: Ticket Prices Value

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team?

Who do national baseball fans root for on the diamond?  16% cheer for the New York Yankees, 7% root for the Boston Red Sox, 6% say they support the Atlanta Braves, and the same proportion — 6% — is in the Chicago Cubs’ corner.  Five percent are on the side of the St. Louis Cardinals while a majority of baseball fans — 53% — pick another team for which to root.  Seven percent are unsure.

Region is a factor.  38% and 24% of fans living in the Northeast, respectively, say they cheer for the Yankees and Red Sox.  In the Midwest, 21% are Cubs fans.  Those in the South divide with 18% pulling for the Braves and 16% cheering for the Bronx Bombers.

Table: Favorite Baseball Team

Pre-Season Picks…Yankees are Early Favorite to Win World Series

Baseball fans nationally — 21% –choose the Yankees as the early favorite to take home the title of World Series Champions.  Coming in a distant second are the Red Sox — 7% — followed by the Philadelphia Phillies — 7%.  Rounding out the top five are the LA Angels of Anaheim — 5% — and the Texas Rangers with the same proportion — 5%.  Nearly three in ten fans — 29% — think another team will win it all, and a notable 27% are unsure.

When the Marist Poll reported this question at the beginning of last year’s post-season in September 2011, the New York Yankees — 22% –were at the top of the heap as baseball fans’ favorite.  At that time, only 2% picked the 2011 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals to win it all.

Table: Team Favored to Win the World Series

Baseball Fans

Half of adults nationally — 50% — report they follow Major League Baseball at least a little.  This includes 10% who watch a great deal of the sport, 10% who take in a good amount, and 30% who watch what happens on the diamond a little.  50% do not follow baseball at all.

These proportions are similar to when Marist last reported this question.  47% of adults in September followed baseball at least a little, while 53% said they didn’t watch at all.

Table: Baseball Fans

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