4/28: Tribeca Film Festival Viewed as Exciting, But …

The Tribeca Film Festival is underway, and there’s positive news for its organizers.  71% of New York City residents think it’s an exciting thing for the city.  9% say it’s a hassle, and one-fifth are unsure.



Borough of residence affects opinions about the film festival.  Those who live in Manhattan are more likely to call it “exciting” than New Yorkers living in the outer boroughs.  79% in Manhattan, 72% in Queens and Staten Island, 69% in the Bronx, and 67% in Brooklyn say the event is advantageous.

The downside for the film festival is just 21% of New York City residents report they will attend, at least, some of its events.  This includes 19% who plan to attend some of them.  79%, however, don’t plan to check out any of the scheduled films, panels, or other events.

Is this expected turnout the norm?  86% of New York City residents report they have never attended the film festival while 14% say they have.  However, nearly one-quarter of Manhattan dwellers — 24% — have been to the Tribeca Film Festival.  13% of those in Queens and Staten Island, 11% in Brooklyn, and 7% in the Bronx say the same.

Perhaps, most New Yorkers have not attended the film festival, because they don’t know about it.  65% have heard only a little or nothing at all about it.  This includes 34% who have heard nothing at all and 31% who have not heard very much about the festival.  In contrast, 35% are aware of the event including 22% who know a good amount and 13% who describe themselves as well versed on the annual event.

Is the film festival New York-centric?  A plurality of residents — 43% — say so.  34%, however, think it is geared more toward people from out of town.  23% are unsure.

Table: Tribeca Film Festival Exciting or a Hassle?
Table: 2010 Tribeca Film Festival Attendance
Table: Previous Tribeca Film Festival Attendance
Table: Knowledge of Tribeca Film Festival
Table: Target Audience of Tribeca Film Festival

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