4/27: Majority Approves of Obama’s Job Performance

As President Barack Obama nears his 100th day in office, 55% of registered voters nationwide say they approve of the job he is doing while 31% disapprove.  President Obama received a similar job approval rating when The Marist Poll last asked this question in its April 8th survey.  As in that previous poll, younger voters play a large role in giving Mr. Obama majority approval.  70% of voters under the age of thirty say they like the job President Obama is doing.



When it comes to the partisan divide, however, the president still needs to make inroads with Republican voters.  Just 16% of the GOP report they approve of President Obama’s job performance compared with most Democrats — 85% — who share this view.

So, is the President meeting voters’ expectations?  Overall, a majority of U.S. registered voters — 58% — say, “yes.”  However, the proportion of voters who report Mr. Obama is falling short exceeds the number of those who say he is doing better than expected — 26% to 16%, respectively.  That disparity is due in large part to voters’ partisanship.  While 22% of Democrats say the president is going above and beyond, just 6% of Republicans share this view.  Instead, a slim majority of Republicans — 51% — believes President Obama is falling short of their expectations compared with 8% of Democrats.

Nearly six in ten registered voters choose a positive emotion to describe their feelings about the first 100 days of the Obama Administration.  This is comparable to the overall positive feelings voters had after the first 100 days of the George W. Bush Presidency.  However, when expressing their thoughts about Barack Obama’s time in office on a scale of emotions, more voters feel hopeful, the highest positive emotion on the scale, now, than they did in 2001.  46% report they are hopeful, 6% report they are content, and 7% say they are reassured.   41% express negative emotions on the scale.  11% are anxious, the mildest negative emotion on the scale, 13% of voters are frustrated, 10% are disappointed, and 7% are angry.

Table: Obama Approval Rating

Table: Meeting Expectations?

Table: Meeting Expectations? (Added for Comparisons to Future Polls)
Table: Feelings About First 100 Days — Barack Obama
Table: Feelings About First 100 Days — George W. Bush

More Voters Confident in Obama…Positive Overall Image

Although 53% of voters say they have the same level of confidence in President Obama as they did prior to his assuming office, 31% say they are now more confident in Mr. Obama.  Only 16% say their confidence in him has been shaken.  Not surprisingly, there is a wide partisan divide on this question.  45% of Democrats report they have more confidence in the president than they did before he took office compared with just 17% of Republicans.  When looking at voters’ impressions of Mr. Obama, many voters also express confidence in the president’s leadership skills.  64% believe he is a good leader for the nation.  This is virtually unchanged from the Marist Poll’s previous survey conducted earlier this month.  67% also say the president cares about people like them.  This is the exact same proportion who felt this way just a few weeks ago.  59% of voters believe President Obama shares their values.

George Washington is remembered for saying that he couldn’t tell a lie.  So, do voters think the same is true about our current Commander in Chief?  Nearly seven in ten voters think so including nearly four in ten Republicans.  68% of voters say President Obama is honest and trustworthy compared with 26% who disagree.  And, what about the president’s mettle?  Is he really tough enough for the job?  Many voters — 67% — have little doubt that Mr. Obama can handle the Presidency of the United States.  And, a similar proportion of the electorate — 66% — thinks Mr. Obama does a good job in explaining his policies and plans as president.

Politicians often get a bad rap for not fulfilling their campaign promises, but not so for President Obama.  64% of the electorate report they believe Mr. Obama is staying true to his word while 28% feel the president is falling short.  Similar proportions of the electorate shared this view in Marist’s April 8th survey.

Table: Confidence Level in Obama
Table: Good Leader for the Nation?
Table: Cares About People Like You?
Table: Shares Values?
Table: Honest and Trustworthy?
Table: Tough Enough for Presidency?
Table: Clearly Explains Policies and Plans?
Table: Fulfilling Campaign Promises

On the Right Course, But Doing Too Much

Nearly six in ten registered voters think President Barack Obama is moving the country in the right direction compared with 32% who believe Mr. Obama is taking the country down the wrong path.  However, 56% of the electorate says the president is trying to do too much too soon including a majority of Independents and most Republicans.

Table: President Moving Country in the Right Direction?
Table: Doing Too Much Too Soon?

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