4/15: Future of the Economy

More Americans Optimistic About Nation’s Course

For the first time this year, more Americans — 49% — see the country moving in the right direction compared with 40% who think things are heading the wrong way.  This includes a majority of registered voters — 52% — who feel the country’s course is back on track.



But, that’s most of the good news.  For starters the partisan divide is wide.  Although 80% of Democrats are pleased with the country’s trajectory, only 20% of Republicans share this view.  Instead, 63% of GOP’ers believe things are moving in the wrong direction.  Independents, as a group, are more torn than are the party faithful.  A slim majority — 51% — describes the country as moving in a positive direction, and 41% see it going the wrong way.

Table: Is the Country Headed in the Right Direction?
Comparison Table of Other National Polls

Economy Leveled Off?

Even though 47% of Americans believe the economy has reached an equilibrium getting neither better nor worse, more than one-third feels things haven’t bottomed out yet.  Only 18% feel the economy has turned the corner and is on an upswing.  Most people — 78% — believe we are in for a long haul and don’t expect the economic picture to turn around for at least a year.

Table: The Economy: Better, Worse, or Staying the Same?
Table: How Long will the Economic Crisis Last?

Personal Economic Outlook

Americans are barely more optimistic about their own prospects.  Half believe their personal finances will stay steady in the coming year.  The rest divide.  28% see their economic future getting better, and 22% anticipate their finances will be worse in a year’s time.  People under 45 are more hopeful than are their older counterparts.  39% of adults under 45 believe their finances will improve in the coming year while only 20% of people 45 years of age or older think things will be better for themselves.

Table: Your personal finances — Better, Worse or the Same?

Jobs Most Important

There is one thing most Americans do agree upon — unemployment is the most important economic concern for the U.S. economy.  59% of Americans, including nearly two-thirds of those with an annual family income of less than $50,000, point to jobs as the most pressing issue facing the economy.  75% say they personally know someone who has lost their job in the past six months.

Table: Most Important Concern for the U.S. Economy
Table: Do you know someone who has lost their job in the last six months?

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