4/1: Yanks Kings of NYS Baseball

Baseball is serious business in New York!  And, with Opening Day just around the corner, avid fans are dusting off their jerseys to “root, root, root” for the home team.  But, with two franchises calling New York “home,” which team is the fan favorite?


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Nearly six in ten registered voters — 58% — who are baseball fans in New York State say they are Yankees fans while 28% cheer for the Mets.  14% are not a fan of either team.

While 58% of male fans and the same proportion of female fans say they back the Bronx Bombers, more women than men are Mets fans.  32% of women report this to be true while 24% of men say the same.  Men are twice as likely as women to pledge their allegiance elsewhere with 18% of men and 9% of women reporting they aren’t supporters of either team.

Just how big of a deal is America’s pastime in New York.  61% of registered voters statewide proclaim they follow the sport.  This includes 15% who watch baseball a great deal, 13% who have a good amount of fanaticism, and one-third who say they follow the sport a little.  39%, however, don’t watch baseball at all.

Table: Mets Fan or Yankees Fan?
Table: NYS Baseball Fans

Yanks Viewed As Having Stronger Squad … Better Prepared Going Into Season

Going into the 2010 MLB season, the Yankees have the edge over the Mets in the eyes of New York baseball fans.  83% think the Yankees will have the better team this season while 11% believe the Mets will have the stronger lineup.  6% are unsure.

Once again, there is a gender gap on this question.  While most men and women — 92% and 72%, respectively — say the Yankees will have the better team, 19% of women think the Metropolitans will have the edge while just 5% of men agree.

And, even more than seven in ten Mets fans — 71% — think their crosstown rivals have the stronger team this year.

So, have the teams done all they can in the off-season to build the best possible bench?  According to fans, the Yanks have while the Mets have not.  63% say the Bronx Bombers have done just the right amount to improve their team.  10% say they have done too little, and 9% believe they have done too much.  18% are unsure.

What do Yankees’ fans think about their team’s preseason preparations?  69% say their team is right on the money.  Mets’ fans, too, have to give credit where it’s due.  61% of these fans say the Yankees have done the perfect amount to improve the the pinstripes’ roster in the off-season.

The Mets, on the other hand, have fallen short.  Nearly half of fans — 48% — report the Mets have done too little to strengthen their lineup.  28% think they have done the right amount to improve the team while just 1% say they have done too much.  23% are unsure.

59% of Mets fans and 46% of Yankees fans say the Mets have done too little to gear up for the season.

Table: Better NY Team
Table: Offseason Preparation — Yankees
Table: Offseason Preparation — Mets

Bombers Heading for 28 … Mets Going Home Early, Say Fans

Come October, which New York baseball team is likely to win the World Series? To put it plainly, the Yankees.  81% of fans in New York believe the Yanks are likely to take home their 28th championship.  This includes 28% who report it’s very likely and 53% who think it is likely.  13%, though, don’t think it is very likely, and just 1% say it is not likely at all.  5% are unsure.

And, most Yankees fans run true blue.  88% say their team will win the World Series.  But, “fuhgeddaboud” team loyalty for many Mets fans! 71% of these fans think the Yankees will be victorious.

The Mets do have underdog status going into the season.  73% of New York baseball fans believe it is unlikely they will win the World Series.  This includes 45% who say it’s not very likely and 28% who report it’s not likely at all.  17% have a more optimistic view of the Mets’ chances, and 4% are holding fast to Tug McGraw’s mantra, “You gotta’ believe,” and think it’s very likely the Mets will bring the championship trophy to Queens.

But, many Mets fans aren’t optimistic.  More than two-thirds say it’s unlikely the Mets will win the World Series.  77% of Yankees fans agree.

Table: Yankees’ World Series Chances
Table: Mets’ World Series Chances

Fans “Boo” Ticket Prices

Most baseball fans in New York State agree.  The current MLB ticket prices are not a good value for the money.  80% have this view while 13% think they are worth the price of admission.  7% are unsure.

More older fans — 85% — compared with younger fans — 75% — think they should get more bang for their buck.

Table: Ticket Value

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