3/8: Three in Ten Employed Voters in NYS Concerned About Job Loss

30% of employed registered voters in New York State are worried about losing their job in the next year.  10% are very concerned about that possibility, and 20% are somewhat anxious.  28%, however, are not very concerned, and 42% are not worried at all.

worker upset after losing job


Employed voters in New York City are more apprehensive about receiving a pink slip than in other parts of the state.  37% in the Big Apple are worried compared with 28% upstate and 27% in New York’s suburbs.

Table: New York Voters’ Concern About Job Loss

Workplace Satisfaction Sky-high

Most employed voters in New York State — 92% — are satisfied with their current job.  Included in this proportion are 47% who report they are very satisfied, and 45% who are satisfied.  On the other hand, 6% are not very content with their current employment situation, and 2% are not satisfied at all.

Employed voters who are older tend to be more satisfied with their current employment picture than are those who are younger.  56% of those 45 or older say they are very satisfied with their job.  This compares with 38% of those under the age of 45.

Table: New York Voters’ Job Satisfaction

Most Employed Registered Voters in New York Staying Put

When the economy picks up, don’t expect most working voters in the Empire State to jump ship and look for another job.  52% say it’s not likely at all that they will seek other employment, and 25% report it’s not very likely.  12%, though, say they are thinking about other options, and 11% say it is very likely they will alter their career paths.

Age also matters here.  Older employed voters are more likely to stay put than are their younger counterparts.  84% of those 45 or older think it’s improbable they will alter their career path.  69% of those younger than 45 years old agree.

Table: Likelihood of Looking for a New Job In NYS

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