3/3: DiNapoli Who?

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli can’t seem to connect with the state’s electorate.

Thomas DiNapoli (courtesy N.Y. State)

Thomas DiNapoli (courtesy N.Y. State)

When asked about DiNapoli’s job approval rating, 27% of the electorate does not know how to rate him or has never heard of him.  When Marist last asked this question in early February, the same proportion was unclear how to rate DiNapoli.  Currently, 34% of voters report the comptroller is doing either an excellent or good job in office.  30% think he is doing a fair job, and 9% say he is performing poorly.

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In Marist’s previous survey, 31% gave DiNapoli a thumbs-up.  36% thought his performance was mediocre, and 6% believed he was doing a below average job.

Table: DiNapoli Approval Rating
Table: DiNapoli Approval Rating Over Time

Thomas DiNapoli's approval rating over time.

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