3/27: A Day at the Ballpark? MLB Games a No-Go for a Majority of Fans

Marist National Poll

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is almost here, but baseball fans nationally may not be flocking to the field.  According to this Marist Poll, 54% of fans did not attend any games last year and do not plan to attend any games this year.  28% say they will venture out to the ballpark about the same amount as they did last year while 13% believe they will attend more games than last season.  Six percent report they will go to fewer games than last season.

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Little has changed on this question since last year.  At that time, 53% of baseball fans said they were not planning to attend to any MLB games nor did they attend any games the season before.  31% reported they would go to the same amount of games as they had previously while one in ten — 10% — thought they would go to more baseball games.  Six percent believed they would attend fewer games.

Of note regionally, on the heels of the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory and off-season acquisitions by other Pacific Coast teams, a majority of baseball fans in the West — 53% — plan to attend at least the same number of games they did last year.  Included here, are 20% who say they will take more trips to the ballpark and 33% who think their attendance will be about the same as last season.

Ticket prices could play a role.  52% of fans nationally do not think the cost of an MLB ticket is a good value for the money.  37% believe the experience is a good value for the price, and 11% are unsure.  Last year, 56% of fans did not think they got a good bang for their ticket buck while 34% reported admission prices were a good value.  10% were unsure.

While fans in the Northeast remain the most dissatisfied with ticket prices, fewer have this opinion.  More than six in ten baseball fans in this region — 63% — do not think the price of an MLB ticket is a good value.  This compares with 73% who had this view last year.  In the Midwest, a majority of fans — 55% — say the experience is not worth the cost of a ticket.  47% of fans in the South and 45% of those in the West share this view.  Last year, 55% of Midwest fans, 52% of those in the South, and 47% of fans in the West did not think the ticket price for a Major League Baseball game was a good value for the money.

But, there is some good news for America’s pastime, there has been a bump in the proportion of baseball fans nationwide.  56% of adults watch professional baseball, at least, a little.  This includes 9% who watch a great deal of the sport, 10% who follow a good amount of it, and 37% who watch a little baseball.  45% do not watch any of the game.  When Marist last reported this question, half of adults — 50% — reported they were baseball fans.

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