3/26: Majority Wants Highest Court to Change At Least Part of Health Care Law

The 2010 health care law is before the United States Supreme Court today.  What do Americans nationwide want the outcome to be?  35% think the law should stand in its current form while 34% report the law should be completely repealed.  A notable proportion — 21% — wants the part which mandates Americans to buy health insurance to be declared unconstitutional, and 10% are unsure.  Similar proportions of registered voters share these views.

United States Supreme Court

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Not surprisingly, there is a partisan divide.  65% of Democrats want the health care law to remain as it is while 53% of Republicans want the law repealed completely.  There is little consensus among independent voters.  39% want it overturned completely while 27% believe it should be upheld.  Almost one in four of these voters — 24% — say the aspect requiring residents to buy health insurance should be overthrown.

Table: U.S. Supreme Court Hearings on the 2010 Health Care Law

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