3/15: Intelligent Life Online?

Does the Internet “dumb” Americans down?  That’s the question the Marist Poll asked in its latest national survey.  And, the answer is, “No,” for more than two-thirds.  68% of residents think the Internet makes us smarter while just 23% believe it has made us less intelligent.  9% are unsure.

digital brain


Perhaps, one of the most interesting findings is there is no generation gap on this question.  69% of Americans younger than 45 report the Internet makes us more intelligent, and the same proportion of those 45 and older agree.

But, women have a slightly better perception of the so-called Information Superhighway than do men.  71% of women think the Internet makes us smarter while 66% of men agree.

Table: Internet Make Us Smarter?

Marist Poll Methdology