3/13: Most Americans Perceive Immigration Policy as a Priority

McClatchy/Marist National Poll

Where should U.S. immigration policy fall on Washington lawmakers’ agenda?  83% of Americans believe the issue should be a priority.  This includes 37% who want it to be an immediate priority, and 46% who believe it should be addressed in the next couple of years.  17%, however, don’t think immigration policy should be a priority.  Similar proportions of registered voters share these views.

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When it comes to the specific changes to immigration policy, a majority of adults — 55% — think they should be mostly about protecting our borders.  41%, though, believe the focus should be on finding a pathway to citizenship for those who are already here.  Four percent are unsure.

Registered voters reflect the views of Americans, overall.  However, there is a partisan divide.  While 75% of Republicans and a majority of independent voters — 56% — favor border control, 55% of Democrats think a pathway to citizenship should be at the heart of reform.

Table: U.S. Immigration Policy as a Priority

Table: Should Changes to U.S. Immigration Policy Focus on Protecting Borders or a Pathway to Citizenship?

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