Americans Support Students’ Right to Walk Out over Guns, March 2018

Marist National Poll

A national student walkout to protest gun violence is scheduled for tomorrow, and more than seven in ten Americans support the students’ right to do so.

72% of residents nationally think students who participate in the National School Walkout should not face disciplinary action by their schools. 22% of Americans think these students should be punished, and 6% are unsure.

Regardless of demographic group, at least a majority of Americans say students who want to participate in the walkout should not fear retribution. This includes even a majority of gun owners (58%), Republicans (53%), and those who supported President Trump in the 2016 election (53%).

More than three in four Americans (77%) think the students from Parkland, Florida who have been speaking out against gun violence and the mass shooting at their high school will have either a major (33%) or minor (44%) impact on gun reform in the United States. 19% think the students will not have any impact on the issue at all. Four percent are unsure. In a Marist Poll conducted in late February, a similar 74% of U.S. residents said these students would influence the gun debate. The proportion who thought they would not have any impact has decreased from 23%.

Efforts by companies to distance themselves from the NRA receive mixed reviews from Americans. Four in ten Americans (40%) say they are more likely to support a brand or company that has cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA). A similar 37% report they are less likely to support a brand who does so. 17% say a company’s association with the NRA makes no difference to them, and 6% are unsure.

A clear partisan split is in play. 65% of Democrats would be more likely to support a company who severed its ties with the NRA while 63% of Republicans would be less likely to back such a brand. Among independents, 38% would be more likely to buy products from a company who dissociated itself from the NRA, 35% would be less likely to support such a brand, and 25% say it makes no difference to them.

A gender gap exists. Women (42%), including 50% of small city and suburban women, are more likely to support a brand that cuts ties with the NRA while 42% of men are less likely to do so.

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