2/8: Holy Super Powers, Batman! Mind Reading and Time Travel Top List

Superman, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman step aside!  Americans have their own super hero dreams!  The Marist Poll asked which super power U.S. residents would like to have, and they answered.  More than a quarter — 28% — report they would like to have the ability to read people’s minds, and the same proportion — 28% — say they would like to be able to time travel.  The ability to fly is the preference of 16% while 11% say they wish they could teleport.  10% pick invisibility, and 8% are unsure.



Mind reading tops the list of those in Gen X — 36% — and Americans in the Silent-Greatest generation — 28%.  The number one pick of Baby Boomers — 33% — is time travel.  Time travel and reading minds are closely matched among Millennials, receiving 26% and 25%, respectively.

35% of men wish they could travel through time while 30% of women would like to read people’s minds.

Table: Super Power Preference

Marist Poll Methodology