2/5: Advocacy Ads During the Super Bowl?

Although more than three-quarters of Americans who plan to tune in this Sunday — 78% — say they watch the Super Bowl for the game, a notable proportion — 22% — say the commercials are the main attraction.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow (Photo courtesy of the White House)

As usual, this year’s Super Bowl ads are generating a lot of attention, but the introduction of advocacy ads is adding a new layer to the discussion.  Networks have, previously, been hesitant to include issue-related commercials during Super Bowl coverage.  And, nearly one-half of Americans — 49% — agree with that precedent, saying it is inappropriate for such ads to be allowed during the game.  44%, on the other hand, believe they are appropriate.

Although 49% of Americans oppose the inclusion of advocacy ads during the Super Bowl, 60% think CBS has made the right move to allow a pro-life ad sponsored by the group Focus on the Family, featuring Heisman Trophy winner and Florida Gators Quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother.  30%, though, think it should not air, and 10% are unsure.

Overall, how should CBS make the decision about whether to air responsibly-produced advocacy ads?  If it were up to the American people, 34% report the network should pick and choose the issue-related commercials to be included while 25% believe all advocacy ads should be allowed on a first-come basis.  36% don’t think they should be aired at all.

Table: Watch for Game vs. Ads
Table: Appropriateness of Airing Advocacy Ads
Table: Tim Tebow Ad
Table: Decision-making Process

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