2/4: The Gridiron vs. Madison Avenue: Game Beats Out Ads

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will face off this Sunday in Super Bowl XLV.  But, there’s an off-field battle brewing.  Of American adults who are planning to watch the big game this year, will they be tuning in for the game or for the ads?  According to this national Marist Poll, the battle for the Lombardi trophy reigns supreme.  74% say they watch the Super Bowl more for the game while 26% tune in more for the commercials.



Little has changed since last year.  In Marist’s February 2010 survey, 78% reported they watched more for the game while 22% said they wanted to check out the commercials.

There currently is a gender gap.  84% of men are more into the game itself rather than the ads.  This compares with 63% of women.

Table: Watch for the Game vs. Ads

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