2/3: Pre SOTU, Obama’s Approval Rating Below 50% in NYS

In a poll conducted before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, fewer than half of New York State voters — 46% — believe Barack Obama is doing either an excellent or good job as president.  27% say he is doing a fair job, and 27% think he is performing poorly.

Barack Obama


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This is a major change since The Marist Poll last asked this question in mid-January and is the first time the president’s job approval rating has slipped below 50% in New York State since taking office.  In mid-January, 56% gave the president above average marks, 22% saw Obama as doing a fair job, and 21% thought he was doing a subpar job.

The decline is the result of a loss of support for the president across party lines.  Currently, 65% of Democrats, 21% of Republicans, and 45% of non-enrolled voters think well of the president’s job performance.  In mid-January, those proportions stood at 73%, 33%, and 52%, respectively.

Table: Obama Approval Rating

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