2/13: NY1/YNN-Marist Poll: Romantic Moon Over Manhattan

Romantic Moon over Manhattan

New York City skyline at night


Perhaps, it’s the iconic scenes in films like An Affair to Remember and When Harry Met Sally or New Yorkers’ own magical memories.  Whatever the reason, more than six in ten New York City residents — 64% — view Manhattan as the city’s most romantic borough.  Brooklyn comes in a distant second with 18% followed by Queens with 9%, Staten Island with 6%, and the Bronx with 3%.

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And, fuhgeddaboud borough loyalty!  Manhattan takes the top spot regardless of New Yorkers’ borough of residence.  83% of those in Manhattan, 66% of those who live in Queens and Staten Island, 64% of Bronx residents, and nearly half of those in Brooklyn — 48% — call Manhattan the city’s most romantic borough.  However, Brooklynites divide.  Four in ten — 40% — say their borough is the most romantic.

Although majorities of all generations view Manhattan as the most amorous borough, more Gen Xers — 70% — and Millennials — 69% — think this to be true compared with 61% of New Yorkers in the Silent-Greatest generation and 57% of Baby Boomers.

More women — 68% — than men — 59% — consider Manhattan to be the most romantic borough in New York City.

Table: Most Romantic Borough

“Will You Marry US, Rudy,” Ask Nearly One-Third of New Yorkers

Which New York City mayor would New York City residents most want to be a part of their wedding ceremony?  Rudy Giuliani edges out Michael Bloomberg.  Giuliani receives 32% while Bloomberg garners 27%.  More than one in five — 23% — would prefer David Dinkins to be present while 19% think Ed Koch to be the best choice.

While Giuliani is the choice of 40% of residents in Queens and Staten Island and 38% in Brooklyn, Bloomberg is preferred by 35% of those in the Bronx.  Manhattan residents divide.  34% would want Dinkins to take part in their wedding ceremony while 32% think Bloomberg would be their best bet.

Generationally, there is little consensus.  A slim majority of Millennials — 51% — would invite Giuliani to their wedding while 31% of Baby Boomers would ask Dinkins.  About a third of the Silent-Greatest generation — 33% — would request Bloomberg.  There is no clear pick among those in Gen X.  Giuliani — 28% — and Bloomberg — 26% — vie for the top spot among this generation followed by Dinkins — 23% — and Koch — 22%.

Table: NYC Mayor in Wedding Ceremony

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