Are Americans Poised for an Alien Invasion?

Marist National Poll

Many Americans (68%) think there is intelligent life on other planets, up from 52% in 2005. Nearly three in four residents with that belief (74%) say those extraterrestrials are at least as intelligent as human beings. In fact, this includes a plurality (46%) who think the intelligence of extraterrestrials exceeds that of the human race. These results have changed little in more than a decade. But, are these otherworldly beings coming to get us? A majority (55%) say they will find us before we find them.

Interestingly, Americans under the age of 45 (74%), including 79% of those under 30 years old, and men (72%) are more likely than older Americans (62%) and women (64%) to assert there is life on other planets. Younger Americans (60% of those under the age of 45) are also more likely than older residents (51% of those 45 and older) to think interstellar beings will discover human beings before we find them.

Complete February 12, 2018 Marist Poll Release of the United States
Complete February 12, 2018 Marist Poll of the United States (Tables of Adults and Registered Voters)
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